b h
Be h. "Be honest." It's for people who abbrev everything.
Also: G2G (Urban Dictionary will tell you it's "got to go," but really "get together," have an h2h, sesh session, competitsh (obvi), pretty much everything with -tion at the end of it...

God, is it even English anymore?

"I really like my combover."

"I'm gonna b h with you, your opinion doesn't matter."
by Banandito June 18, 2014
body heat, usually used to describe incredible amounts of body heat, like BO is used to describe an incredible amount of body odor. When people have BH, they tend to leave warm spots and sometimes get the same reaction as those who have large amounts of BO. They also tend to radiate heat and can make people uncomfortable.
Girl: ewwww!!! this seat is already really warm!
Guy: The person sitting there before had a lot of BH.
Girl: It feels awkward, yet comforting.
by El Douche bag-o May 01, 2010
Bobble-head. Racial term used to refer to people of Asian descent. When they cannot understand English language all they do is bob or nod their heads. Usually accompanied by a smile and strange look.
Look at that BH, he doesnt know what your talking about!
by Shawny d June 15, 2009
Broken Hearted
Criselda Yumang is BH... Broken Hearted
by ampot February 17, 2011
butt hole, slang used in the gay community when dating sites, zoosk for example, censor vulgar language.
Britannic9: What are the top 5 most important things in your life?
TaylorLaunter4U: 1) Bh. 2) Bh. 3) Bh. 4) P3N!$ 5) Uhhh BH.
by taylorlautner4u January 10, 2011
BH-stands for 'bounty hunter'. From Star Wars. Kinda like BA, for 'bad ass' but BH is much better.
"Woah! That move was so BH!"


"He's so hot; mainly because he's totally BH."


"Dude, you're a beast!"..."No, more like a BH!"
by Sam'sSister March 21, 2010
This means Bloody Hell!!!!!
BH man!!! You drove into a house!!
by TheSTRANGEONE August 04, 2009

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