Big Gay Orgy. Typically used to describe what some male or female fun-loving, promiscuous types partake in on the weekends, though not limited strictly to such a time frame. Usually the focus of the night, B.G.O.s are grand in number of participants, 'hip' to be a part of, need no other activity along with it, and are always held in a positive light.

Negative B.G.O. connotations are rare, and mostly frowned upon. The only acceptable usage as such would be if the B.G.O. was canceled, did not last long, or simply did not happen. In cases like this, qualifiers (such as "Dave's B.G.O") are best suited to avoid confusion.

If one is told about a B.G.O. or lucky enough to be invited to one, pleasant surprise accompanied by fervor to participate is always the response given, whether or not the use of the word is in jest. Conversely, B.G.O. Throwers should always allow ample time for guests to know about, prepare, and spread the word of the B.G.O.
Mr. Man: What are you doing tonight?
Mr. Other Man: Probably headed to that B.G.O.
Mr. Man: There's one tonight!?
Mr. Other Man: Yeah, you down?
Mr. Man: Fuck yeah!

Mr. Woman: Why do I have to leave, everyone seemed to be having such a great time?
Mr. B.G.O Thrower Man: Look, as soon as you jam, we can get this B.G.O. started. You know how that is, right?
Mr. Woman: A what?

Mr. Angry Man: So I had to sit there for three hours listening to this group of guys argue about politics and religion.
Mr. One-Liner Man: Sounds like you were at a B.G.O.
Mr Angry Man: I wish!
by beasy bee December 20, 2007
Top Definition
Black Government Officials
B.G.O. is associated with the Powergang
by sugah kookie August 19, 2009
Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious

A pop-psychology term, meaning that a person has suddenly realized something very important that now seems so obvious that they should have "got it" a long time ago!
OMG! What a BGO! I'm sorry. I can't believe I didn't see before that my reaction to you was part of an old pattern and not really about you.
by Transcending December 07, 2010
Blow and go. Used by hookers in online ads. A quick BJ and you are out of there.
Come see me for a topless $80 BGO.
by Wrenchr December 22, 2006
Bitch Got Owned
Player 1: What the fuck, just got headshot!!

Player 2: BGO!
by DOPE42 December 23, 2009

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