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B.F.Y.M. ,butt fuck your mouth. the act of oral sex. with the twist of the angry force driven style of s&m as in anger anal sex., But in there moist mouth hole. deviant act. for the well deserved. Or for those who enjoy the act of being punished. a.k.a san fernando face fuck, double jointed esophagus, mouth merry go round, throat poke , mouth mangel. definition created by BADA BING S.F.V.
the dirty bitch asked me to to violate her and give her the b.f.y.m. of her life.
by SAN FERNANDO FACE FUCK March 01, 2012
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1) A national organization of massaginists who use this acronymn to insult society with an inside joke known only to other members. The letters stand for:
Butt Fuck Your Mother
Secret group of male members who think everyone should, can or will BFYM.
by jrh5356 April 19, 2005
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to have sexual relashions with your mothers ass
by NATAS February 15, 2005
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