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A show that airs on B.E.T. at 3 am at random nights. Some of the music videos that air on this show are very obscure and also are on the threshold of Basic Cable S&P.
Watch B.E.T. Uncut if you wish to view some REAL fucking music videos.
by ookooknigga November 22, 2003
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the skankiest block of television...ever. only supports the skewed idea that black women are sluts, and that black people are only interested in sex, drugs, and money. basically a dirty version of the already stereotypical BET.

Unedited, lude videos.
Dude, did i just see an ass crack...

Thats BET Uncut for you.
by motoson July 04, 2007
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A BET late night program which airs 3:00 A.M. every Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat that shows the hottest unedited versions of music videos. (Hip-hop)
Be sure to watch BET Uncut to see the hottest music videos.
by Fresh-L December 26, 2003
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Due to the excessive nudity in the unedited versions of the music videos, probably EVERY MALE's (and possibly some FEMALE's) excuse for staying up late at night........until BET SHUT IT DOWN PERMANENTLY IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER OF '06!!!!!


*raises two middle fingers*
BET UNCUT is a classic!!!!!!
by DOWN SOUTH TRAP NIGGA September 25, 2007
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