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a white male who is considered to quite tough. Bad Ass White Boy.
Wow, he is one B.A.W.B.!
by Aharon McCune May 04, 2006
19 11
Kool name for a guy named Bob or Robert.
Sup Bawb!
by Stephen J. Gould January 14, 2004
24 10
black and white bandits they have a dolphin bracelet which brings luck like no other some the leaders are black one is white not to be confused with barbie
Hey look at the badasses over there

I heard they are called the bawb

Lets go guys there coming this way
by 1leaderbob September 09, 2012
6 0
Acronym, literally meaning "Broke Ass White Boy" or "Broke Ass White Bitch," usually referring to a caucasian individual who grew up in a stereotypical black neighborhood or a ghetto.
Gangster #1: Dat whitey's tryin' to be a P.I.M.P.
Gangster #2: Yuh but we knows dat he be nuttin' but a B.A.W.B.
Ganster #1: Fo' sheezy.
by SuL November 24, 2003
14 12
Some crazy nut from EFNet who explodes ducks and sends Ultimate Hans to Mars.
Man, that Bawb is one duck-exploding consumer freedom advocate.
by solo-1 January 20, 2004
3 16