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Call themselves the bad ass soddy boys. It's a bunch of stupid fucking rednecks/wiggers who jump unsuspecting people and steal their money to buy coke. They think they are a gang. None of them can fight by theirself, so expect atleast 7 of these little bitches to show up. They all look inbred.
"Hey, do you see those stupid rednecks over there trying to be hardasses?"
"Yeah, I think they are one of those B.A.S.B. faggots"
by yourfatassmom. June 28, 2009
A Soddy Daisy street gang.Well known for beating the fuck out out of rival gangs and the colors,well there isn't any their just some crazy ass rednecks from soddy that really don't give a fuck what any body thinks of them
i'm a fuckin BAD ASS SODDY BOY bitch!What the hell you gonna do?!!B.A.S.B. bitch
by Lil'chad a.k.a soddy February 03, 2009
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