Normally reffered to a Bratty, Rude, Bitch. It can also be used when a blunt statement has been named or said.
"That outfit looks like shit"
"Damn...that was mad Brude." or "Damn...that girl is Brude"
by Melanayyy February 07, 2010
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Originating in Cobham, England. An art perfected by the infamous B-Rude.

A sexual act occuring usually when the dominant male is upset with his bitch/ho, or just looking for some fun, slaps the female partner with the dick on the side of the face and then immediately follows by slaping the other side of the face with a handful of shit.
Kevin: Hey did you notice how Ben's mom smelt of shit today?
Mario: Yea, she was acting up, so i B-Ruded that Ho!
by LA de dah December 06, 2007
the compound word of 'bro' and 'dude'.
'Hey brude, what you up to?'
by bromanleslie January 15, 2013
A combination of "Bro" and "dude"
First used by the famous man known to the world as Idle None while trying to say "thanks bro" and "thanks dude" at the same time. The result was "thanks brude"
by FSV July 13, 2006
Conjuction of the words bro and dude. A term of affection
What's up, brudes?
This is my brude, Six-finger Sam.
by Avvakum July 10, 2008
a combination of a bro and a dude
hey brude sup?
by kat June 20, 2003
A good looking broad that used to be a dude. Can be said with the assumption the words no homo will follow.
Yo check out that brude on muary i would have never guessed she used to be a dude.
by The royal dudeness October 03, 2007

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