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To have five or more of the following qualities:
1. To be homosexual or meterosexual.
2. Have more girlfriends than boyfriends.
3. Wear two or more sweatshirts at a time.
4. Get your nails done or get a massage on a weekly basis.
5. Use the words "super" and "fab".
6. Use your laptop to take notes as opposed to handwrtiting.
7. Work at Starbucks.
8. Have a license plate with your name on the back.
9. Drink Frappachinos every morning.
10. Get super excited about the new Sex and the City movie.
Galfriend: Hey B-Fry, were having a G.N.O. Were gonna get our nails done and then were going to watch Uptown Girls!

B-Fry: Oh hell yes sister! That would be superfab!
by tyty332 May 30, 2008
13 6
spoken slang short for "best friend," often used by gay men and their girlfriends
OMG, so are we like b-fries now?
You're my b-fry for life!
by jacobcasino October 29, 2008
7 2