The biggest retart of all time, loser; dushe bag
bdog your such a fucking retard you dushe
by a;gshs October 25, 2006
Top Definition
Term for a blood gang memer, widely used in the early 1990's.
I'm a B-Dog and what crip?
by CKKris October 23, 2006
Informal term for banana, an edible fruit.
Alice: Beer me that frozen b-dog, Bob.
Bob: Dayum! This b-dog is ice cold!
by Eavesdropper Eve August 28, 2013
A intrest in a below average woman resulting in sexual affairs
Greg: "check out that chick bro"
Fred:"dude shes like a 2"
Greg: "ah ill B-Dog it"
Fred: "haha gross dude"
by The Real word westside March 08, 2013
Beautiful Daughter of God
Jocelyn is the epitome of BDOG.

You're such a BDOG.
by Jo² October 16, 2010
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