A word made up by the German metal band Rammstein. They've never given a proper explanation of what it means, but its probably made of the two words Bück (=bend over) and Stab (=rod). And if you combine those two words, you got R+ in a nutshell...
Boy: Bückstabü?
Girl: Oh no, you didn't!
by Bjeffmeis September 10, 2013
Top Definition
A word made up by Rammstein that means "whatever you want it to mean".
Girl: Are you going to the shops tomorrow?

Boy: Bückstabü

Girl: You're a Bückstabü!
by Ruski Esplin April 14, 2011
A running gag in the darksouls community, played when the "back stab" animation is played.

Originally from a song by the band Rammstein, it's auditory similarity to back stab is part of the reason it's become a joke. How intense it can be interpenetrated as plays the second biggest role in its popularity, as darksouls is infamous for its difficulty and intensity.
Nerd 1: I was doing forest invasions and I got an amazing back stab
Nerd 1 plays Bückstabü clip
Nerd 2: kys nerd, that's more unoriginal than Ornstein and Smough fan fiction
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