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Bøst is a slang word on the danish word Bøsse. Bøst means something cool. It's used by the norwegian population in Miami
a: Look at that hotel!
b: Bøst!
by jonfrommiami April 17, 2009
Big Ol' Saggy Titties
After she gave birth to our first born, I would watch her feed him with her BOST and knew that things will never be the same again.
by MasterGrizzle January 10, 2008
'Bost' when someone or something has gone wrong. Can mean anything from someone whos not in total control of themselves or has been injured in some way. Applies to material things such as cars also.
"Look at him, he's bost after that pint"

"He's gone in the head, totally bost"

"Mate, your car is bost, didn't you see the bus coming"?
by Jimma Arnold January 14, 2004
When something has stopped working
I switched my computer on and it was Bost,
by Neil Mason February 20, 2004
1 - Something broken, usually beyond repair.
2 - To strike something with fist or instrument.
"Look at Ian's car, its bost"

"What happened to his face"? "someone bost him with a tool!"
by Jaimeson January 14, 2004
a small furry animal that defies the laws of cuteness.

or, slang for best friend.
dude your cat is such a bosta cat.

hey bosta! whats up?
by davidthedudeman October 04, 2008
To shag from behind in a forcefull manner
gonna go home tonight and give our lass a good bost
by Dave March 23, 2005
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