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Anything in direct contact with the bud of pistillate hemp plants that augment cannabin in large amounts when cultivated without the presence of the male plant genotype. When smoked, the chemical compound THC, is what gets you mashed 'n ting.

This could refer to a joint, a bag containing some green, a box where one keeps their stash that may even only contain the dregs of the last weeks' caining and some skins, baccy, grinder, pokie, roach material and scissors. The importance is that there must be enough to make a reefer in contact with the object for it to qualify for its designation.

1. Can you pass the Bísclâit breda?

2. Has it got a Bísclâit?
The syntax used to check whether there is enough herb touching an obtject to make a bifta. This is used to confirm the object can subsequently be called " daBísclâit"

Phonetically pronounced (bees-clay)
by Bísclâitier August 17, 2006
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