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Bondage and Domination

Referring to the practice of restraining a sexual partner and then asserting one's control over them through a variety of methods, including, but not limited to:

* forced sexual positions
* humiliation
* forced climax

Not to be confused with S&M, which refers to pain play.

See also: Bondage
"Put on your leash. It's time for some B&D."
by thehumanencyclopedia June 21, 2004
Bondage and Discipline (*not* Bondage and Domination, as most people think).
He taught her the tricks of B&D, starting with simple commands such as, "Take off your clothes and stand in the corner for 3 hours with this butt plug in your hole."
by dgrl August 07, 2005
Bondage and Discipline/Domination

S & M Race Play
Q: "Do you like B & D?"
A: "Sure, tie me up, then whip me good all night long."
by jamaica55 July 21, 2009
Booze and Dick.

The drunk girl's version of TLC.
I am too wasted to eat my eggs. I don't want any food. All I want in life is B&D.
by Elephantmonker April 27, 2009
This is catering terminology Beef and Dumplings.
The lads from the Circus usually dined in the truckers cafe
across the road from the Big Top. The cafe made excellent B&D
by St. Ias September 19, 2005
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