It's a gang of kids who chill together, and fuck shit up together . The B&B stands for "Berettas and Bandanas".
What you know about B&B ?.....
by funnypants June 20, 2006
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Bed & Breakfast
"...went into the cheap B&B, when I pulled back my sheets to get on into bed found a dead woman there. So I come downstairs an' I throw her at the manager..."
-George the Angry Redneck
by Fugerko.? December 07, 2003
Ship-name, Booth&Brennen of a tv show called Bones.
B&B are the best couple on Bones! I can't believe you don't like them.
by YuvalMonster May 26, 2013
Breakfast and a blow job. An American tradition of reconciliation between partners, typically occurring after some misdeed by the female. The breakfast always includes eggs, bacon and hashbrowns, but may also include sausage, biscuits, gravy, as well as peppers and onions. The blow job always includes a facial.
-Dude, you're still talking to her after she puked in your bed?

-Yeah, I pretty much had to forgive her when she gave me the B & B.
by Dr Mike Hancho December 09, 2010
An alternation of Brews and Bitches, B&B can now refer to Brews and Bros.
I watched the game last night with my B&B.
by Sleepy a la CoNJ September 28, 2009
boobs & butt

breasts & booty
Wow, she's got awesome B&B

Nikki Tyler & Jenna Jameson's got the best B&B. I would love to give their b&b good sucking & rimming !
by jaffrey August 17, 2005
An acronym for "Bullshit and Blasphemy". Used when one doesn't agree with an opinion or statement. Indicates that another's opinion is complete bullshit, a fallacy, a lie, etc.
Matt: Creationism needs to be taught in EVERY school as an alternative to evolution.

Chris: B&B.
by Nutterbutterz October 04, 2009
Booze and Blaze entertainment is a two man experimental hip hop group from atlanta ga
have you had your daily dose of B&B today?
by K rex July 14, 2008

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