v. To inflict damage upon oneself in order to (falsely) blame a group of people that you hate for hurting you. This is most often done as a stunt in order to affect a political campaign.
Hey, it's that bitch from Texas who B faced herself in Pittsburg and blamed a black guy to gain sympathy from voters in Pennsylvania to get McCain into the white house. What a fucking Republican Nazi douche.

by Michael Grant October 24, 2008
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Adjective. When you can clearly tell someone is blazed by looking at there face. Eyes are usually red, puffy, or droopy. Jaw might be dropped a little, and the occasional drool. *Rarely*
Abe- Wow Spence just walked into school he has his B-Face on.
Alexa- What a Guido.
Abe- Shut up Alexa.
by AbePasic December 10, 2009
Bitch face, is someone who is acting like an asshole can be supplimented with any letter of the alphabet
she is such a B-Face sometimes
by benweaselschick October 14, 2008
Short for Bitch face. More than an asshole. Just before you call sumbody a motherfucker or a cunt.
Johnny: EYYY BFACe!
Utot: Ohh werrd eyy dickwash.
JOhnny: jkjkk
Utot: me 2
by Kulungan January 05, 2008
Shortened word for bitchface. You can use it when you don't want the person who is being a bitchface to know you're talking about them.
one of these days, i'm going to punch stupid bface in her head.
by Aaron.Nicole March 24, 2006
butt face, dummy, stupid b face
"hey dummy, you're a b face"
by Julia Guthrie May 09, 2006

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