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Bridge & Tunnel, people that do not live in Manhattan, but live nearby and have to enter to entertain themselves via either...
Avoid Thursday night at the Park Cafe as it's begun to draw a real B&T crowd
by urban burn April 28, 2003
Short for "bridge and tunnel", the term refers to those who travel into Manhattan from outlying areas such as New Jersey and Long Island to take advantage of the city's nightlife. The term may also include those who come into Manhattan from New York City's other four boroughs.

The term is often used in a deragatory manner indicating that those who fall under this term are young and/or trashy and dilluting the quality of New York nightlife.
Do you want to go to that new club on Thursday instead of Friday so that we can miss the B&T crowd?
by sissychrissy1 August 26, 2005
bridge and tunnel trash
What Manhattanites call intruders (who don't live in Manhattan) who uses bridges and tunnels to enter into Manhattan.

"Guido is so B&T! He needs to go back to Jersey!"
by Sami Martin Sarmiento September 15, 2005
An excellent adventure. Derived from the 1989 movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
Man, tonight was great. I have to say it was a B&T for sure.
by Peter Darker October 08, 2010
To boat and toke. Going out on a boat with the objective to smoke or consume marijuana.
Man #1: Hey would like you to B&T tomorrow afternoon on the speed boat? I hear the weather will be absolutely splendid!

Man #2: You bet your sweet ass I do!
by kcoolnasty December 17, 2009
Bath & Tennis, as in the Southampton or Palm Beach Bath & Tennis Club - a snooty and sarcastic interpretation of the usual B&T abbreviation for an individual who is considered Bridge & Tunnel. The sarcasm lies in the fact that the individual in question clearly is not a member of a bath & tennis club.
Comment: "Wow look at that guido, he is definitely B&T."
Sarcastic Response: "Yeah, he was my doubles partner in Southampton last weekend, he's got a mean backhand."
by NY101 October 08, 2010
Also used by "downtown" residents in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As you have to take a bridge or tunnel to get downtown from many of the suburbs. Usualy used to make fun of a person who is B & T
"did you check out the B & T crowd at the movie tonight"
by jalear September 11, 2007
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