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A word used commonly in Maine as a positive affirmation. Pretty much, it means "yes".
Person 1: Are you going to harbor park today?
Person 2: Ayuh!
by Steph (editor - steferrknee) February 24, 2006
Yankee Slang meaning affirmative;yes
Cold, ain't it? Ayuh, it's wicked out thayah.
by Bota January 13, 2003
1. A word used to end a statement; in a Maine accent.

2. A word used to confirm a statement; in a Maine accent.
Less go ta the faya, ayuh.
I'm a Mainuh, ayuh.

Person 1: Wanna go ta the faya?
Person 2:Ayuh
by Da Mainuh December 09, 2007
A bastardized combination of "ah" and "yeah" commonly used by old cronies from Maine who have nothing better to do than whittle wood in front of a convenience store waiting to be written into a Stephen King novel.
Old Fart 1: Your wife tongue your crack last night, Jessep?

Old Fart 2: Ayuh.
by luggs78 January 20, 2004
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