A woman born with individuality due to the uniqueness of the name. Passionate, and also ambitious, she carries confidence along with a creative and inspirational mind. A strong woman with a birds eye view of the world.
"Hey what are you doing today?" - Ryan

"I'm going to chill with the homie Aysha" - Mike

"Oh yeah? That girl is tiiight. Is it cool if I meet up wit you fools?" - Ryan

"You know it brah! Head over." - Mike
by The Knowledgable Man December 29, 2012
Top Definition
An amazing, popular, woman with the talent to become a singer or an actress. This name comes from Pakistan, the tribe Hasim.
"My girl is the most beautiful girl on earth!"-John
"Whats her name?"-Mandy
"Her name..? Well...I dont really know...but it should be Aysha!
by Sanah April 28, 2004
very big butt!! (see big butt)
omg that girl is an aysha
by migo23 July 26, 2011
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