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Is a fluxus being who attracts all the ladies, no-one can resist ayrist charms. He is often cock-blocked though by johnson.
woah look he is such an ayre so cool so smooth i want him and his crazy fluxus ways
by thegamewinner August 29, 2009
21 32
its an arabic expression that means: "my penis"... it is one of the most used expressions in the arabic language.
kifak ya ayre?
ayre bshaklak
ntek fek 3an ayre
by GeorgeGeorge April 05, 2012
34 5
An AWESOME person who you need to be friends with!!!
Ayres's are smart, and funny and weird girls want to do him all the time.
-Should I be friends with an Ayres?
by mickeymouseclubber June 04, 2011
9 3
something that is really stressful and sucks really bad. (n)
this test is ayres
by anonymous February 25, 2003
17 34