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a dark mysterious creature which lures its prey with its dazzling beauty. it then takes over the victims mind taking them to a place of such pure bliss they can never return to the mortal world.
'wow, strong stuff, saw Ayna..'
'you ok? so perfect, but so evil'
by el diablaa May 17, 2009
a female name that translates as "mirror", "glass", or "window". Is usually owned by a girl who has everything: the looks, the class, a high sense of fashion, confidence, and is a born leader. Very common in Central Asian countries, particularly in Turkmenistan.

she will be the best girl you'll ever meet, but you won't notice it until you lose it.
-Hey, who's this girl that just walked by?
-Oh, that's Ayna. Why?
-She's kinda cute. Do you think she'd fall for me?
-I'm sorry man, but nah, I think she already has a boyfriend - he's on the football team.

Girl 1: "Oh my gosh have you seen Ayna today? I love that outfit!"
Girl 2: "She is so dressed up and cute every can you possibly own so many cute outfits?"
Girl 1: "Well she certainly made it possible"
by a third party with no interest February 07, 2010

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