Most noted for her novel Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand was an extremely, extremely hot writer and philosopher who advocated reason, egoism, and capitalism, allegedly on the grounds that existence exists.
Ayn Rand has been admired by many, but laughed at by still more
by Kathryn January 22, 2005
1. a anti-communist.
2. an extreme individualist.
3. a follower of objectivism.
Maritza: "You voted for Kerry? I can't be friends with a communist."

Joe: God, you don't have to get all "Ayn Rand" on me, I'm a democrat, not a Marxist.
by Steven Hoffmann February 28, 2005
The Ultra Lesbian of past generations. Ayn Rand is a "comedian" that everyone seems to love despite her extreme mediocrity. Her amazing lack of common sense combined with her ability to run around the page like a five-year-old without her meds appeals to anyone without a soul or any knowledge of society. Her trite and obvious observations contain no intelligent thought process and often appeal to people with short attention spans and fags.
this is the definition of Ayn Rand
and it so accurate
well..... she is a mean doosh, Ayn Rand is a mean hooker and i want to smack her in the mouth
by Cleanpie October 05, 2010
Mid-20th century Pop-philosopher who first propounded objectivism in a set of rather poorly written cult novels. Her philosophy is founded on unremarkable restatements of the obvious, prizing material achievement, self-centered pride, and unfettered commerce as virtues over love, humility, generosity, and faithfulness. Followers of objectivism, called randroids, tend to be a rude, selfish, condescending bunch, intolerant of anything that does not perfectly match their ultra-naturalist, laissez-faire dogmatism.
"A=A, oh, how A=A," the randroid muttered again and again, softly, obsessively, as he cut out heart-shaped pictures of Ayn Rand from a magazine for his objectivist collage showing her to be the pinnacle of human evolution.
by benign0 March 01, 2005
20th century Russian/American writer and philosopher. Founder of the philosophy of objectivism, which allows man to function freely on the conclusions of his own capacity for reason, and for his own benefit. Reality exists independant of man's wishes and one must use his mind to discover reality and act accordingly for his survival. Objectivism is Rejecting of altruism, and collectivism. Aims at a free market, laissez-faire capitalist politics, rejects religious and unsubstantiated claims of ultimate reality based on supernatural and non-scientific arguement .In essence it is a fully functioning right wing philsophy, unfettered with current american religious dogma. It is uncontradictory (except for causality vs. free will, and has been challenged by behaviorists, such as B.F. Skinner, who believe man has no free will due to the fact that AisA. The philosophy is outlined in several novels and essays, such as atlas shrugged, the virtue of selfishness, anthem, philosophy who needs it?, the fountainhead..etc.
Have you read Anthem by Ayn Rand?
by Jon Simard August 20, 2005
Philosopher/Novelist who created the Philosopy of Objectivism. Her most Famous book was Atlas Shrugged. You can find tons of bad reviews about this book by people who dont understand it, or never bothered to touch it. Same goes for her Philosopy.
The people that criticize Ayn Rand on this site and speak out about Objectivism only make Objectivists believe in her more. Selfish,yes,Greedy you bet we are.
by Geoff395 July 04, 2005
ayn rand is teh 1337 r0xx0r
A equals A equals A equals A equals A equals A equals A equals A equals A equals A equals A equals A
by JOHN GALT March 26, 2005
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