A person with a very very very (small penis)

(Nano)-sized (dick), (penis)

Likes to spend most of his time in really really (small place), and only comes out to eat and (shit) when/if necessary..
Aymeric's penis is so small that he's got sand in his (vagina)

Last time I saw Aymeric, he was crouched naked on the floor with a magnifying glass looking for his (dick)
by Stomker March 24, 2011
Top Definition
Aymeric is the name of an absolute boss-like figure that has attained an unparalleled level of hilarity while balancing a smoldering seduction. While no concrete extrapolations may be made on his endowment, it has been rumored that any Aymeric is bestowed with an impressive manhood. In one sentence, Aymeric is a funny, disarming gentleman with a huge penis.
world: Wow, Aymeric is awesome.

male admirer: I wish my parents named me Aymeric, maybe then I wouldn't be such a failure.

every female: Every time I see Aymeric, my panties resemble the Amazon Rain Forest.
by AVJesus October 31, 2011
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