FUCKING SEXY ASS CUNT, Ayden is a independent black woman who don't need no man
I wish I was like Ayden
by TheSexyCat June 06, 2016
Ayden is an amazing chick. Shes pretty and funny. Shes your best friend. Everyone loves Ayden. Ayden enjoys having fun and mosh pit like that.
Person 1 :That girl is awesome!
Person 2: Yeah shes and Ayden!
Person 1: Ohhh makes sense
by TheRealSexyBitch January 08, 2011
A short , smart gay man, who acts extremely innocent, but deep inside likes to have wild sex.
Oh hey look its Ayden!!!!
by Pattyisafatty June 16, 2009
ayden: n. a thin, weak, or shady-looking moustache. Similar to the "skank stache" or porn stache
Grifton: How's my moustache coming in?
Clay: That's not a moustache, that's an ayden. You need to shave that shit off, it's disgusting.
by Vandelay Ind. January 16, 2008
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