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Usually a fun, energetic person, who is great at making friends and can easily impress people with his somewhat crazy, but entertaining jokes and stunts. Aydan is usually very attractive, can lure in the ladies, and has at least 20 marriage proposals a week. He has no trouble with making friends that are female and he is basically a total boss
This is {great}! Aydan's here, he is so {entertaining} and {fun}!
by Piguman December 21, 2014
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Aydan is usually a incredibly toxic, aggressive, greedy, filthy, scummy, and unfortunately incredibly ugly person. Their parents have trouble trying to find out how he became so bad. He has a hard time making friends and believes he is good at video games but is not. The few friends that he has are usually much superior than him at all endeavours. He has a very poor immune system and feels sick from usually fish products. It is advised that you don't associate with any Aydans.
I'm as sick as an Aydan!

This guy is as toxic as an Aydan!

This guy is a feeder, must be an Aydan!
by Mr. Boggle May 11, 2014

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