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Form of democracy characterized by the multiplicity & large number of political parties, their continuous fragmentations, splinterings, mergers & collapses. Elected legislators & political leaders are noted for their frequent defections, mass resignations, cross-voting & short tenures.

While some view this as a positive expression of a healthy democracy, others view this system as unstable & ultimately leading to the diffusion of political power to the business classes. Certain political strategists consider this the logical end-point of the evolution of democracy, which then leads to plutocracy,aristocracy or monarchy. Yet others view this as a form of entertainment.

Historically, this form of government has repeatedly occurred in the Indian Union, & was a hallmark of the Weimar Republic of Germany. The phrase itself was coined in Haryana, India, in 1967.
1) Mader (mother): Beta, why are you watching TV all the time ?
Bacha (child): Ma, the government has collapsed yet again! That is the fourth time in one year! I love this Ayaram Gayaram Government - it is so much fun!

2) Chota Miyan: Too bad that one party won a majority of seats in the Lok Sabha!
Burra Miyan: Yes, that means no more fun Ayaram Gayaram Government!

3) Kailash Harshvardhan Birla: Us industrialists should hope that those Oolloo (stupid) voters elect an Ayaram Gayaram Government!
Hitesh Mohan Wadia: Yes, then those Ayarams and Gayarams will be too busy to disturb us while we expand our business empires!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 18, 2010
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