The most beautiful and amazing girl in the world. Makes a great girlfriend. Very funny and talented. Easy to get along with. Fun to hang out with.
If you ever meet an Ayanna, never let her go. You'll regret it.
I love my girlfriend, Ayanna.
by Alexander dupree May 05, 2013
Top Definition
extremly talented and beautiful
Wow, you are very Ayanna
by Ayanna April 09, 2005
Swahili, Beautiful flower
I gave my girl ayanna, beautiful ayanna makes her happy.
by ChiAli February 24, 2005
A fun, outgoing, girl, who loves to make others laugh and feel happy on the inside, even when she isn't.
"Hey, Thanks for cheering me up earlier today, Ayanna. You're a good friend."

*Sighs* "No problem, that's what I'm here for."
by Ayanna Patrice March 13, 2015
Ayanna- Steals boyfriends
by $waaagggggggg May 20, 2013

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