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Ayana, an extremely intelligent and beautiful girl. She is very smart and chooses who she loves wisely and carefully. She is very caring no matter her facade. She has a very crazy and wild side she tends to show to the people closest to her. Only a fool would let this amazing girl slip through their f...ingers, of all the people you know she will impact your life the most.
You haven't met my girlfriend Ayana? She is amazing!
by giirr December 06, 2010
375 76
In Ethiopia: beautiful flower
My name is Ayana. On the continent of Africa in the country of Ethiopia you would be calling me a beautiful flower.
by Ayana May 10, 2005
335 121
The perfect anime fangirl on IRC
*Ayana glomps Figaro ^o^
by Booken July 14, 2003
66 94