A true blowing up axe bomb.
1. Take the top and everything off the top of the axe can so the little white nossle is just sticking up.
2. Place the axe bomb on the ground with paper or leaves or other flamible stuff around it.
3. Pour on/spray the leaves/paper around the axe can with bug spray, gasoline, axe, other flamible liquds or just light the paper/ leaves around it (this will take longer)
4. Light the stuff and walk away it may take a little bit for the explosion I have had ones that took 15 min and i have had ones that take 1 min.
BOOM!!!!!!!!! Other ways to make explosions are throwing 1 or ductaping 2,3,4 axe cans or however many u want and thorwing them in a fire....I did 3 once and ther explosions went 15 feet in the air...its fun.

"Wow that Axe Bomb was TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

always remeber safety! we dont want people getting hurt doing this haha :P
by Mike (X) June 06, 2006
Top Definition
The act of taking a can of a popular spray deodorant, placing a rubber band on it so the can sprays a continious amount. Then, the can is placed in a room to the effect of a smoke gernade.
Yo i axe bomed his room lastnight and it still smells!
by Jose L Rivera November 10, 2004
Well, the way I do it is this.
First I buy a full box of smoke bombs, a lighter, and a can of axe. Then I take the box and open the top. Spray the inside with some axe. Then take the axe bottle and put it in the box. Light the box on fire where you sprayed it with axe. After a few seconds the box will start smoking in all different colors and it will burn in different colors. Eventually the axe can will blow up. It looks like a big firework if you do it correctly.
Last night I did an Axe Bomb right on a main road, it was crazy!
by Caputooooooooooo January 06, 2008
The act of spraying large amounts of Axe body spray in a room where lots of people pass through. Preferably done before anybody is around, i.e. at night.
Man, I walked through that axe bombed hallway at school this morning!
by RunawayPigeon March 20, 2012
Take the top off. Then, put a thumb-tac into the "lever" (it looks white-ish with a hole).

Now, put the top on STRAIGHTLY! It will not work if it does not go on perfectly straight.

Now, Enjoy! I like tossing it into peoples houses/porches
I just Axe Bomb'd Mrs. Grandfeild's house!!
by Rickizzle August 20, 2007
1. take nozzle off bottle
2. empty liquid contents into container (press white tip against opening of container)
3. drill hole into cap
4. place fuse through hole
5. light and run
PS. will explode and depending on the container can be deadly.
I blew up a computor with an axe bomb last night!!
by coyle pyro May 18, 2008
Ingredients: Axe Body Spray (1 can), Duct Tape (1 strip)
Step 1: Take top off of Axe Can
Step 2: Apply Duct Tape to lever of Axe Can
Step 3: Peg at smelly or annoying person
"That kid smells horrible! Lets Axe Bomb Him!"
by jilliam January 25, 2006
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