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Anyone (child, teen, adult) thoroughly steeped in the culture of AXE body spray. Can be used as an insult when someone is acting overly Bro, suggesting they were deprived of oxygen and instead breathed AXE at birth. Children born to Bro parents automatically qualify whether or not they drink Mountain Dew.
By 2050, the number of Axe Babies in the United States will triple, due to the sexual maturation of the first Bro generation of the early 2000's.

The Axe Baby dreamed of seeing Nickelback in concert, after hearing stories from his parents about how rad and hella sweet their shows were.

The brand new Axe Baby was swathed not in a powder pink jumper, but a bubblegum polo and tanker's hat.

Brad, stop watching WWE, you're acting like an Axe Baby.
by Purple Sox April 29, 2010

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