another word for sick and insane
her tits were awsome!!!!
by awsome has NO E next to W June 11, 2005
Top Definition
Morons who can't spell awesome correctly.
Mrdumbhead: Did you see that new reality tv show. it was awsome!

Mrsmarthead: You spelt awesome wrong dumbass.
by Nazu February 23, 2004
Mis-spelling of awesome.
Dude, it's awesome with an e!
by Cellist December 22, 2003
Third place in the special spelling bee.
Much like the 7th place finishers in the Special Olympics did a "Great Job," underachievers in spelling bees are, "awsome!"
by Nevaduh April 07, 2009
A misspelling of the word "awesome" that means the exact opposite. Filled with awful content. Usually when someone of sub-par intelligence makes a post that they claim is "awsome" the fact that they can't even spell the word should clue you in that it will not, in fact, be awesome.
Hey guys, this awsome thing happened, someone scratched my car, so I keyed every body panel and got a nice big insurance check to buy a flat screen with.
by klyph3 February 18, 2011
the other version of awesome, which isn't as good as the original word; awesome. Only used by illiterate scum.
jack: 'thats awsome.. and fonny too'
by genius1234567 April 27, 2010
a "bogan" or lazy response to a question
Q:did u catch many fish today
by brrreeeennndan June 30, 2005
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