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is used to describe an elegant, beautiful, amazing, funny, sweet, down to earth lady.
"Oh, why can't all women be like Awo!"
by arthurthepig1234 May 29, 2011
Ass Whoopin On Site
If I see Danielle she's getting an AWOS
by jclover87 September 17, 2010
Remark of exclamation when stubbing a toe or someone bumps into you, etc.

Sometimes also used for over-the-top declaration of love
"Awo! I just stubbed my toe"

"Awo! Haha, you just cut me off."

"Awo, Jess, I would die for you" (or, in Bislama: "Awo, Jess, mi ded blo yu")
by Valkan August 25, 2009
Short for Awolowo. Full name- Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo

Arguably the most respected South Western (Yoruba) Nigerian politician.

An Awoist is someone who follows Awo's political philosophy
You are not an Awoist just because you read an Awo paperback.

She is Yoruba but she is no Awoist.
by stephen ayobami yusuff May 21, 2008

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