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Adjective- describing someone or something that is mischievous, or up to shenanigans or tomfoolery; acting as a deviant, jokester, trickster; one who joshes around or engages in ballyhoo; rascal-like (mild sass optional)
As a child, young Charles was well-behaved, polite, and followed all the rules; however, as he grew up, he became awnry.
by Notorious0020 February 24, 2012
Common misspelling of the word "Ornery."

or⋅ner⋅y (awr-nuh-ree)

–adjective, -ner⋅i⋅er, -ner⋅i⋅est.

1. ugly and unpleasant in disposition or temper: No one can get along with my ornery cousin.
2. stubborn: I can't do a thing with that ornery mule.
3. low or vile.
4. inferior or common; ordinary.
"Well that pup sure is an awnry lil fella."
by TiffanyGetsSpam February 01, 2010
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