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Awhina is the definition for a beautiful lady with a heart of gold. Rarely seen angry and always there when she is needed. Gorgeous personality, sparkly eyes and a killer smile. Funny, kind and friendly, a beautiful person inside and out.
See that girl there? She's definitely an Awhina
by jellybean-shots November 13, 2012
A Manly female who has been sexually active from a young age. She is often a massive cum slut and loves it in and around her mouth and arse hole. She is obsessed with her Boyfriend, who will almost always be called Liam Donald. She is trans-gender and very curious sexually.

Awhina's often have little self confidence and weirdly shaped nipples. Awhina's often grow up to be high risk pedophiles.
*pulls kid into van* = Almost always an Awhina
by E/\/\ily November 24, 2011
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