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The curvature of a woman's breasts as they "blossom" out from a low cut shirt.

Low cut shirt + push up bra = Awesome Blossom
Low cut shirt + bustiere = Awesome Blossom
Low cut shirt + huge breasts = Awesome Blossom
Man, did you see the Awesome Blossoms on Jeniffer Love Hewitt and Pamela Anderson at Elton John's 2006 Oscar Party?

Paris Hilton ain't got no Awesome Blossom.
by Kevin & Dave March 10, 2006
A word close to cool and stellar. An awesome blossom is an awesome moment in time where it is past and over cool and stellar. Everything is right when awesome blossom applys.
I just got an A+ on my math test. I just won the lottery. My girlfriend is not pregnant. AWESOME BLOSSOM!
by baplebory May 25, 2009
The act of having a threesome with three very attractive Italian sisters.
Did you hear? Kyle just did an awesome blossom. What a hero.
by Ginger Bear August 04, 2009
The act of defecation
Hold up guys, I gotta drop an "Awesome Blossom"

Don't go in there for like 45 min., I just released an "Awesome Blossom"

Hey baby...did you see the "Awesome Blossom" I left for you?
by Southside Seff May 23, 2008
When a man takes his dick and rolls it up backwards to the base, then holds it over a girl's face and smacks her square in the nose with it. It obviously requires some skill and inherited wealth to properly do, but if equipped have at it.
Guy 1: Yo man, did you hear that Tony gave that slutty chick an awesome blossom?
Guy 2: Yeah dude, he knocked her square the fuck out and then wouldn't pay for her hospital bill.
Guy 1: NIce.
by Jmoney4376800 May 15, 2006
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