There is no definition for this word, because this word does not exist. There is no such thing as "Aweful"... except for maybe in this context "Iem AWEFULLY stupid an 'caint spel"

The word is AWFUL folks! Awful means bad (the context that most of you are use to)

.. and it means very good (the context that those who have been to college and read more than just People Magazine)

That's right! The same word is used for BOTH.
1. That teacher is awful (not aweful) and should pick another profession.

2. The mountain range viewed from 30,000 ft. was so awful (NOT aweful) that it brought a tear to my eye as I was truly moved by its natural beauty.
by ignorant people September 21, 2010
Top Definition
Synonyms: I'm stupid, I can't spell, I'm illiterate

It's spelled awful. No E. Just awful.
As opposed to its opposite, Awesome, which has an e. Understood? =) Good!
0mg Lawlzz0rzz i be aweful @ spelin!!1one1!!
by funkyblueeyes January 21, 2007
Full of awe, or could inspire enough awe to fill. Dispite sounding like awful, it means quite the opposite.
Guy: I just made a submission to!
Guy2:Dude, that's aweful!
by Cap'n Awesome April 26, 2005
full-of-awe; inspiring;
Male: "I'm more of a penguin-type. Those gorillas and I don't mesh well."

Female: "Man, you're aweful.."
by aubb June 26, 2009
So Awful It's Awe Inspiring.
Person A: Did you look up japanese fish a** from FG?
Person 2: Omg yeah it was aweful wasn't it.
by MoonDoggyXIII May 15, 2010
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