A Male Name meaning Wolf.
Awais is taking us out to party tonight!
by Janis Matthews May 30, 2006
Top Definition
A fit guy, in evry girls dreams. He is a hetrosexual boy & loves to have a gr8 party!!
James: Heya Awais
Awais: Hey, Wana go party & find sum fit asses
James: C'mon letz go!!
by Anon-James April 12, 2008
Awais is a Muslim name which means 'gifted'.
he's able to do everything at such a high level of excellence only because he's an Awais.
by zonda1 June 02, 2010
Its a Muslim name meaning Wolf.
Mayor Awais is running for re-elecion
by Janis Matthews May 24, 2006
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