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a.k.a. ACSP
A theatre club at Avon High School The coolest thing at the school, by far. IF you think girls aren’t funny, join this group and you’ll change your mind. It’s O.K. if you don’t though, ‘cause we can just kill you. (That wasn’t a threat) (That last part was a lie) The guys aren’t very funny, but are still accepted. Most of us are in Scene Night too, and a lot of us are in the spring play. We’re a very tightly knit group of friends, and consider each other family. Old Greg is a favorite of ours. Mrs. Riley is the theatre/geometry teacher at Avon High and also supervises the program. She is the coolest person of us all, and we love her very much. :D Basically this is the greatest thing to happen to anybody who’s ever been in it and without it we would all go on a killing spree.
Avon Center Stage Performers? FUCKIN' AWESOME!!!
by Sou:P May 16, 2008
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