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To make an Avocado Bowl, you fill a bowl to the brim with water. Then, you stick toothpicks into either side of an avocado, and balance it on the top of the bowl so that about half of the avocado is submerged. You then proceed to freeze the bowl for a few hours. Once frozen, remove the avocado so that there is a smaller ice bowl frozen out. Next time you masturbate, put your nutsack into the crevice, and enjoy a much longer, and all-around better orgasm.
"Dude im so juiced, i primed like 3 Avocado Bowls last night!"

"Wow mom stopped buying avocados so i have to settle with peaches"

"Wow, you must have a tiny nutsack if you use peaches"
by Your Boy95 October 16, 2011
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