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A badass person who is perfected to the highest degree possible; fucking flawless.

He/She knows how to party and has an amazing knack for picking up girls.

He knows no bounds and can roam the wild while making everything in his path his complete bitch.

He also has the biggest cock on the planet.
Omg it's Avo, bow down hurry!

Hello, please make way for Avo
by BombDiggidy February 08, 2013
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by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
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When a man respsects avocados so much and eats them continuously he refers to them as avo's.
Damn these avos are delicious
by Derik mAN August 20, 2007
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by Lachlan Donald October 03, 2003
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Team Avolition, a Minecraft griefing team.
by a_fgt August 11, 2012
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A super bamf name. Usually associated with avocados, but in this case, refers to the female name. Girls with the name avo are typically incredibly attractive, pwn the shit out n00bs in world of warcraft, and tend to make some of the best girlfriends out there. Definitely go for an Avo, it means flower in indian, and most likely the girl will love flowers. Probably white roses. Avo's are attractive, smart, funny, caring, and will generally make your life much much better.
Girl 1: Did you see Avo today?
Girl 2: Yeah, i'm so damn jealous of her looks *pouts*
by Emeris May 27, 2009
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