Awesome bluegrass band including Bobby Crawford and the Avett brothers.
Hey It's the Avett brothers! They're so hairy!
by Alaskan Fire Dragon July 08, 2006
Top Definition
The ultimate combination of banjoes and screaming, intense facial hair and talent, and complete and utter awesomeness mixed with the most insane people I have ever seen!
- What is that . . . it's like . . . like . . .
= Like sex to your ears?
- * nods head in awe *
= Oh, thats just the Avett Brothers.
by Facial Hair Lover April 03, 2010
Incredibly hard to pin point a music genre for these guys but if you had to you'd say they were, a bluegrassish puckish band?
Eiether way they have a great sound and deep lyrics that are not "plasticy" as Scott Avett would say.
"Wow thats some intense screaming to combine with that banjo playing."

"No thats just the Avett Brothers"
by runningburningfallingman March 21, 2009
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