A band that emerged during the hardcore scene. After their first two CD's, they changed up their act, began to suck, and sold out. Selling out and Avenged Sevenfold are now two closely linked verbs.
"Hey dude, have you heard Metallica's new CD?"

"Dude, they Avenged Sevenfolded when they released Saint Anger."
by Skrah June 17, 2008
a band made up of vampires and homosexuals, who like to play music that little girls will think is hardcore. their most famous song, 'the day we came out', is a power ballad in the style of the spice girls, about a fictional point in the future where they will all come out of the closet and look like nobs because they spend all their time laughing at gay people

they have stupid haircuts and shit tattoos, like a lot of their fans, and their lack of musical talent is matched only by their lack of genitals
hi we're avenged sevenfold, if you're a 7 year old girl you might think we're cool
by did you know that March 06, 2008
mainstream flamer band which is popular because of their overfamed song in Guitar Hero. This music is crap, they sing about bats and bibles and crap and their videos include strippers and hookers giving lap dances to the band. what the fuck is that supposed to mean? the band members wear makeup and dress like didofags. this band is full of sellouts who are in the music industry primarily for the bills and maybe the acknowledgment of twelve year olds all around the USA. a perhaps equally gay band is trivium.
avenged sevenfold is a band for people with vaginas in their ears
by teddy wallace November 14, 2007
The first time I saw this bands' video (on MTV,coincidentally...),I truly,truly though they were a fake band.
Seriously,I though they were a rip on all these lame glam metal revitalists (Bullets And Octane anyone?),kind of a Spinal Tap for the emo generation.
But,no,they are a REAL band. Aww,man...a rip on themselves.
Good grief,how could anybody claim this band are anything but hilarious?
Watch their "Sease The Day" video for a laugh.
ME: "HaHA,I love Avenged Sevenfold,they're such a great comedy band."
RandomStranger:"Err...dude,they're a real band."
by bandanasarerad October 17, 2006
avenged sevenfold has 2 meanings

1.A "band" that is to busy putting on makeup and painting their nails black to learn how to write good music. They are so up their own asses they don't see that they are nothing but a shitty metal band for hot topic fags that know nothing about music. They are so hardcore they don't go by their real names. Going by Synyster Gates and The Rev dosn't make you more metal or hardcore it just makes you a bigger fag. Live they talk shit, when all you want them to do is play their shitty songs get off the stage so you can see the next band. They will soon die off and no one will like them and move on to the next shitty band probably Aiden.

2.can be used to replace the word shit when talking about bands
1. Avenged Sevenfold is a shitty band

2. Aiden is such an Avenged sevenfold.
by Nathan Stoltz August 30, 2006
A really horribly hard rock/glam metal band whose music bears no resemblance to hardcore punk, regular punk, or metalcore.
kid1: Hey look i'm so hardcore i saw avenged sevenfold live!!

kid2 (the smart one): no you're not you're a fucking poser
by scream13 August 16, 2006
The biggest sell-outs in history. Their first CDs were absolutley amazing. They were my favorite band for the longest time. Then City of Evil came out. THE WORST thing I've ever heard. They go from unique underground metal band to #1 on TRL. The most disgraceful thing a band can do.
Avenged Sevenfold has failed us all
by Trishelle February 27, 2006
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