A piece of crap band that claims they are "metal". They dress like fags, play faggot music, the singer sings like a girl, and their 12 year old fans think they're all hard and tough wearing their "Avenged Faggotfold" t-shirts.
"Hey man, you should check out Avenged Sevenfold, they fuckin' rule!"

"No, they suck!"
by YoYoYoYo23 May 05, 2010
Avenged Sevenfold was made in Huntington, California in 1999. First, there was only M. Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, and The Rev. Then, in 2001, Synyster Gates joined the band while he was still in school. After Synyster joined the band, the last member Johnny Christ joined in 2002. Avenged Sevenfold is a Rock/Metal that is associated by Buckcherry, Bleeding Through, and Good Charlotte. They are recored with Good Life Recordings, Warner Bros., and Hopeless. Avenged Sevenfold got the name from the "Book of Genesis" from the Bible. In 2005, M. Shadows had to get surgery on his throat because of an accident from the song "Waking the Fallen".

Band Members

M. Shadows- Matthew Sanders (Lead Singer)
Zacky Vengeance- Zackery Baker (Guitarist)
The Reverend Tholomew Plague- James Sullivan (Drummer)
Johnny Christ- Jonathan Seward (Bass)
Synyster Gates- Brian Haner, Jr. (Lead Guitarist)

Former Band Members

Matt Wendt- Bass (1999-2000)
Justin Sane- Bass (2000-2001)
Dameon Ash- Bass (2001-2002)
Avenged Sevenfold
by Brokenwings111 April 08, 2009
A band which originated from Orange County, CA. As of now they have a bare able tone to the music and just awful lyrics.However, the fans of the proclaimed, "best band ever," are extremely ignorant. Many claim to be tough but are actually full of hubris. If you don't know what hubris is you are most likely one of the 12 year old fans that the band has adapted.

Most people heard a song at the end of the popular game( even more popular than the band) Call of Dudy: Black ops 2. So that is where the 12 year old fans come from.
Ignorant fan:" hey reject, you should check out avenged sevenfold"

Me:"oh you know, I would but, I would rather not have meaningless, mumbling, lyrics yelled at me through my headphones"
by A good music lover December 01, 2013
That band whose drummer died
To bad Avenged Sevenfold's vocalist didn't die instead
by Xtreme2252 February 13, 2010
A hardcore music band from Huntington Beach,CA which started w/ other band's covers, playing in every place they could, like their, (matt's and zacy's) highschool, chain reaction, showcase theather to minimal audiences and after an US tour starting to get more adepts to their music,and w/ a huge staff of friends started on touring the US by themselves, and then joining the vans Warped tour w/ their new bassist , johnny christ, this band has played W/ Metallica as their opening band in tours, and does the most asskicking songs, with a great performance on ROCK AM ring 06, theyve become one of the greatest hardcore bands, band which was founded by Matt Shadows, The rev & Zacky Vengeance, after their first album, Sounding The Seventh trumpet, Synyster Gates ( a friend from childhood W/ the rev) joined them, and at the begginin of their performances on warped tour, johnnny christ joined them, since then they've been playing around the world with great sucess and an everyday growing fanbase
- I think A7X ( avenged sevenfold)'s best album is Sounding The Seventh Trumpet

- I think the same
by Albertozig December 16, 2008
what every 12-16 year old listens to to be cool cause all of their friends listen to it when really its just the drummer having a seizure while the guitarist tunes to drop d and hits the 6-4th strings over and over again while the bassist takes a nap and the singer screams at the top of his puny emo lungs without even bothering to put out any words of any sort.

kids usually only listen to bands such as this due to their friends' poor taste in music while if they actually tried to think freely they would most likely enjoy actual metal bands such as obituary, morbid angel, november's doom, pestilence, death, cannibal corpse (1980's-90's), and others.
guy listening to avenged sevenfold alone: Wtf is this shit?!

kid listening to a7x with all his a7x friends in all their a7x hot topic gear: hey this is totally core dude!
by Negative_creep 7 July 11, 2010
The end of the Rock / Metal genre.
Too bad Avenged Sevenfold came along. I loved rock music
by Person who enjoys good music October 25, 2011
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