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An Avenged Seven-Troll is a “metalhead” who is so closed minded that he / she can't accept even the small possibility that the band Avenged Sevenfold is any good. Avenged Seven-Troll's use the same illogical arguments over and over again such as that the band is not metal, that the drugs that The Rev was taking because of his heart problem were being used as recreational drugs, that The Rev died from the combination of those drugs and alcohol, and that the band is a bunch of “emo pussies.” (All of which is not true whatsoever.) Their main point though, is that Avenged Sevenfold fans are a bunch of pre-teen overweight fan girls who have no taste in music and can't spell anything correctly. In most cases, Avenged Sevenfold fans are smart and have very diverse tastes in music. Avenged Seven-Trolls enjoy being glad about The Rev's death. They also laugh at the people who continue to mourn The Rev's death (which is the entire A7X fan base and the members of Avenged Sevenfold themselves.) Most Avenged Seven-Troll's have emo / gothic profile pictures, so they're easily recognizable.
A7X Fan: They're a good band, you just can't accept that.

Avenged Seven-Troll: You're just a fat pre-teenaged girl who has no taste in music.

A7X Fan: Excuse me, I'm actually a nineteen year old man who has a VERY diverse taste in music. Thank you very much.

Avenged Seven-Troll: Nope, You're still a fag.

A7X Fan: -facepalm- You stupid Avenged Seven-Troll.

Avenged Seven-Troll: Fag.
by Admin ZD July 14, 2011
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