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1). One who has travelled back from the future carrying with him/her a vast knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu Guard techniques.

2). Who so ever possessed AvantGuard status will get laid tonight.
3). Those who claim to understand the inner workings of AvantGuard, you must say "Ossss!"
4). An AvantGuard social movement. A grass roots movement of the people to reclaim the awesomeness of their sport.
AvantGuard = JIU...JIT...SU!!!!
by BJJr November 07, 2010
1 The leading edge of an army the very front
2 The cutting edge of popular arts and culture
MTV used to be so avant gaurd. Now they are has beens. Go back to 24/7 videos.
by No use for a name August 01, 2005
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