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It's for all those times when the art snobbery of a piece reaches such high levels that the feeble attempts made at being "exotic" or "ground breaking" just lands the artist squarely in the realm of retardation.
"I went to this new art gallery last week but it was so Avant Tard that it hurt!"
by Alienswede September 03, 2006
The attempt to pull off something as edgy, experimental and cool but fails.
"Wow. The band was totally avant-tard."
by Taryn R April 07, 2008
Cutting edge retard. Similar to avant guard, meaning cutting edge or ahead of its time, yet retarded.
Corky's performance in episode #12 of 'Life Goes On' was sooooo Avant Tard!
by Jenn Dickey December 17, 2005
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