a song by Roxy Music and sung by Bryan Ferry. Directly responsible for my brith, as my mother concieved me while this song was playing.
Avalon is the best song to fuck to, by far!
by Jake Throckmorton June 21, 2005
Top Definition
Derived from the welsh name "afal"; often associated with the island that King Arther's sword Caliburn was forged. The island of Avalon is also often associated with an island that yields beautiful apples.

The name "Avalon" as used in the context of a feminine name, describes one who possesses beauty unrivaled by any other. In the modern context, those who possess the name Avalon are seen as 'One who is as rare as the legendary sword forged for a king Arther', thus, "Avalon" is one of a kind- a woman of such magnitude that all others have no choice but to bow down and submit themselves as none other than a subordinate. This is especially true in the context of intellectual superiority and unrivaled inner spirit.

The name also carries ties to the native American legend of a small coyote that possessed such love and purity that a massive heard of rampaging Buffalo's stoped mid-stampede and bowed down to the Coyot Avalon as it lay defensively in the brush.
"Even today King Arthur's legend lives on in Isle of Avalon"
by THEwelshWolf February 04, 2010
1.Holy resting place of King Arthur
2.Trashy holiday park in Cornwall
1.Medieval knights often sought Avalon in their quests for the holy grail
2.clue's in the title
by dom February 11, 2004
An ancient island closed from the waking world from threads of elemental mist.
The isles of Avalon disappeared in the 1400's
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
The bestest, kewlest, nicest, smartest friend ever.
"Avalon, did u just c that Ab salon?"
by Bobishness April 05, 2003
Avalon's are possibly the cutest girls out there, if you meet one don't let her leave you. They're so happy and fun loving, yet quiet around people they don't know. Most Avalon's will come up with a million inside jokes with you, and commitments, once they're close to you they'll never want to leave you. Almost each Avalon is secretly depressed so please do not hurt them as they are fragile. Never let them go, you'll regret it...
Person 1: man, I regret calling Avalon all those rude things... She was the best person I knew.
Person 2: too bad, you'll never find another girl like her...
by ConfusedLittleGirl March 29, 2015
coolest, sweetest, prettiest, girl in the whole world. Also, can dance better than Madonna.
Avalon is that hottie I saw at the dance last night, damn she was foin.
by chrizzle June 15, 2004
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