BY far the most gorgeous girl in the world who i am completely totallyy in love with: the reasonn i get up in the morning and the reason i am the luckiest guyy on the faceee of the earthh ; the girl who meanss everything to me who ill love all my lifee an cantt immagine ever being withoutt; the girl i love... SYN.. beautiful funny smartt hottt minee
akdjfa;klsd AVA is soo fucking perfect
by aleckadjflkasjfd October 22, 2007
A twat. Very confident, but beautiful and perfect.

Girl: I wish I was an Ava she has such an amazingly hot and amazing boyfriend
by NOT Leo May 18, 2008
Ava is the name of an amazing, sexy, hot, intelligent, optimistic, ninja.

Ava's are shockingly beautiful and are very good friend's to people such as Parya.

Ava's usually attract hippies such as Andrew Vanwyngarden.
Ben: Hey, who's your new girlfriend?
Andrew: Oh, this is Ava! She's A M A Z I N G <3
Matt: I'm so fucking high dude.

Jealous Hippie: Oh my god, I want an Ava! I'm so jealous.
Parya: Hey Matt, you trippin'?
by NIMBUSQUEEN August 18, 2011
One who pretends to have an exciting life when she has no real friends (okay just her roommate), and who thinks people don't know about slutty things she's done since the 9th grade. It only got worse from there and everyone knows it. She's also insecure and psychopathic, but as just a friend, you definitely won't know that.
Hey I want to date her
No she's an Ava - ask her about her past.
by JDMBear December 23, 2012
an ava is a beautiful godess who will stop u in ur tracks. she is smart but ditzy, nice but mean, and perfect with mistakes.
person 1: who is that girl?
person 2: thats wat ppl call an AVA
by jukli April 04, 2009
A half stripper, half poll dancer that loves songs like "my neck, my back." Most times Ava's are usually total bitches. Most Ava's try to look like snookie from the Jersey Shore. No one likes them because they look soo fake. Usually have huge drinking problems, and/or smoke joints.Some Ava's are exceptions, but if you are an Ava reading this, you probably aren't one of them.
Dude, look at Ava over there, she looks like a burnt pancake!

Yeah she totes shadders boners with her snookie hairz!

"Ava, gurl. You really should cancel your tanning membership and should join weight watchers your starting to look like snookie!"

"Dayum Ava, time to get off the poll and hit the books. You are a dumb shit!"
by Lucasbrawlerz October 30, 2011
The name Reese Witherspoon gave her baby and now all teen moms copy it.
OMG I loved Reese in Legally Blonde! Let's name her AVA!
by cjammies February 05, 2010

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