One who pretends to have an exciting life when she has no real friends (okay just her roommate), and who thinks people don't know about slutty things she's done since the 9th grade. It only got worse from there and everyone knows it. She's also insecure and psychopathic, but as just a friend, you definitely won't know that.
Hey I want to date her
No she's an Ava - ask her about her past.
by JDMBear December 23, 2012
The name Reese Witherspoon gave her baby and now all teen moms copy it.
OMG I loved Reese in Legally Blonde! Let's name her AVA!
by cjammies February 05, 2010
a very smart but incredibly ditsy girl that everyone loves
That girl is such an ava
by NESSA! January 08, 2005
A cock juggling thunder cunt whos sole purpose in life is to eat kit-kats and blow cadavers. she can be found anywhere there alcohol present and is so fat she finds out shes pregnant only after her fetus falls out of her in a public washroom. been known to dable in beastiality as well
"yo jim wheres all the kitkats, and why does our dog have AIDS?"

Jim- "awwww shit we must have been robbed by an Ava"
by piggy piggy pigman November 20, 2010
an ava is a beautiful godess who will stop u in ur tracks. she is smart but ditzy, nice but mean, and perfect with mistakes.
person 1: who is that girl?
person 2: thats wat ppl call an AVA
by jukli April 04, 2009
The city in Virginia known as tha highway, Alexandria
Yeah, im from tha highway, you know, AVA.
by Kalayla June 24, 2006
short for avatar
the picture in my ava is me that's my hairstyle
by mkfresh February 23, 2010

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