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A headstrong individual who everyone looks up to. She loves to win and finds it hard to deal with losing. Her strong personality guides everyone to the right place and they can't help but love her. She is drop dead gorgeous with stunning blue eyes, and long glossy hair. Boys can't help fall for her flirtatious smile and every girl in her damn right mind will be jealous of her popularity and amazingness.
Guy 1: she is beautiful, smart and sassy!
Guy 2: bet her names Ava!
by Alphanumericguy March 23, 2013
The most god damn perfect thing to ever walk this earth. Most beautiful, intelligant girl you will ever meet. Every guy wants her, Every girl wants to be her. The chances of guys landing a girl like this is 1 ina billion unless your name is riley. The Best thing you could have in your life. any idiot would just let her walk right out of their life. the kind of girl you would die for knowing you got to make her happy. for guys like rileys there is nothing they wont do for her and she knows i only think of her every waking minute of the day.... the girl that makes you cant help but say......I LOVE YOU =)
boy 1: ohh snap look at that ava
Man 1: hey mother fucker thats mine BAM BITCH!!!
by Dilicious Chocolate Man March 24, 2010
Ava is the name of an amazing, sexy, hot, intelligent, optimistic, ninja.

Ava's are shockingly beautiful and are very good friend's to people such as Parya.

Ava's usually attract hippies such as Andrew Vanwyngarden.
Ben: Hey, who's your new girlfriend?
Andrew: Oh, this is Ava! She's A M A Z I N G <3
Matt: I'm so fucking high dude.

Jealous Hippie: Oh my god, I want an Ava! I'm so jealous.
Parya: Hey Matt, you trippin'?
by NIMBUSQUEEN August 18, 2011
The name Reese Witherspoon gave her baby and now all teen moms copy it.
OMG I loved Reese in Legally Blonde! Let's name her AVA!
by cjammies February 05, 2010
The city in Virginia known as tha highway, Alexandria
Yeah, im from tha highway, you know, AVA.
by Kalayla June 24, 2006
a very smart but incredibly ditsy girl that everyone loves
That girl is such an ava
by NESSA! January 08, 2005
short for avatar
the picture in my ava is me that's my hairstyle
by mkfresh February 23, 2010
BY far the most gorgeous girl in the world who i am completely totallyy in love with: the reasonn i get up in the morning and the reason i am the luckiest guyy on the faceee of the earthh ; the girl who meanss everything to me who ill love all my lifee an cantt immagine ever being withoutt; the girl i love... SYN.. beautiful funny smartt hottt minee
akdjfa;klsd AVA is soo fucking perfect
by aleckadjflkasjfd October 22, 2007