A headstrong individual who everyone looks up to. She loves to win and finds it hard to deal with losing. Her strong personality guides everyone to the right place and they can't help but love her. She is drop dead gorgeous with stunning blue eyes, and long glossy hair. Boys can't help fall for her flirtatious smile and every girl in her damn right mind will be jealous of her popularity and amazingness.
Guy 1: she is beautiful, smart and sassy!
Guy 2: bet her names Ava!
by Alphanumericguy March 23, 2013
The person you always want to be around she is amazing her laughter is like your favorite 80's music although she is sometimes annoying and bothers you for candy but it doesn't matter because you always know that the one true friend you have is Ava. She is always outgoing . She's also that person that you texted all weekend because well because simply put you have no life because you spend all of your time talking to Ava and you enjoy it. She is the only person that you know that goes ahhhhhh from someone walking by and don't get her angry because if you do you are in for a treat, a cartwheel in the face. She's another one of those really ticklish people that will fall down completely if you try to tickle them and succeed. She's also the only person you know that procrastinate's so much that there will be a huge assignment due tomorrow and she will be the one that says I didn't procrastinate I started at 5 pm and its 11 pm. Just wow I mean that takes a heck of a person that takes an Ava.
by Jackolantren February 05, 2015
Fucking Fabulous. She is the kind of person who might be annoying every now and then, but she is a great friend to have.
Ava is so fabulous- I can't
Omg Ava is
by notkimkardashian February 03, 2015
In Irish folklore, "ava" was one of the two "spiteful horsemen". She and her companion Michael, traveled throughout Ireland instilling fury and hate against the monarchs of Ireland. Her beauty supposedly seduced many a man.
Ava caused the third rebellion against Prince Adellion of Ireland
by Ekim the Third March 01, 2009
An amazing girl who enjoys the ocean and has beautiful eyes. She has a heart of gold and is one of the sweetest girls you might ever meet. If you ever find an girl with the name Ava she is probably one of a kind. So do not let her get away.
Man 1: "Hey dude, guess who I just met"
Man 2: " Who?"
Man 3: "An Ava!"
Man 4: "No way, you are so lucky. You better keep her close."
by Jared Garcia March 27, 2015
An amazing, wonderful, pretty, perfect girl. She has the most beautiful eyes ever and is very athletic. You never know if you are in the friend zone or more with her flirty smile. She is the girl you will want to hold on to for the rest of your life.
Guy 1: I met this girl today and she was perfect! But I'm not sure if she liked me or not, she gave me this amazing smile...
Guy 2: Bet her names Ava
Guy 1: How did you know?
by ¡NameDefinitions! February 02, 2015
Ava, and brown head beauty. She is sexy and very funny. Has lots of friends. And can get any boy she wants. She is amazing, don't let her app away
Guy 1:Whoa! Who's that's!
Girl1: that's Ava * thinks I am so jealous*
by and angle February 07, 2015
Alexandria, Virginia. Just about the chillest place on Earth. 5 Miles from Washington, DC, and has a plethora of metro stations. The perfect combination of chill life and city life. The one public high school, TC Williams is known best for their football movie, "Remember the Titans". Along with TC, there are three private high schools, Episcopal High School, St. Stephens and St. Agnes (chillest school in the IAC), and Bishop Ireton.
Never a dull day in the AVA.

Carter: I don't think i'm going on vacation this summer. I'd rather stay here and chill in the AVA
Jake: Good idea, bro. There's just so much to do here, I cant imagine spending my summer days anywhere else.
by Athena! June 28, 2010
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