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"auwlls" "auwllz" -noun, adj, verb, adverb, suffix

"Auwlls" is an incredibly versatile word. "Auwlls" can be spelled either ways listed. The word is used to describe a person, thing, event, and/or happening that can be out of the ordinary or exhilarating. As an adverb, "auwlls" can also be used instead of the response of "yea" or "for sure". The word "auwlls" can be used to describe a person's well-being. "You got awulls on your walls" would describe the subject, for lack of a better term, "you the the shit" The most common usage of "auwlls" is its use as a suffix. When having a conversation with another person familiar with the use of "auwlls", one might drop the "A" in "auwlls" and replace it with the beginning of the original word that the speaker intends to use. A conversation will usually have a sort of rhyme to it.
Auwlls fo shauwlls on des hoauwlls wauwlls middauwll fingauwll to da lauwlls - for sure we're going to bust in these hoes and middle finger to the cops

Crauwlls brokauwlls his chauwlls with slauwlls - Chris broke his collar bone with Slater.

You just got auwllzed on - you just got rolled on.

My caruwlls won't strauwlls - my car won't start

You got auwlls tatooed on your chauwlls - you got auwlls tatooed on your collarbone.

fauwlls this shiauwlls leauwlls bouauwlls - fuck this shit lets bounce

You covauwlled in auwlls - you're the man right now. Or, you just got fucked up.

Auwllz - yeah

by Slaterade October 14, 2008
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